• The first textbook ever written about the Superyacht industry. The book focuses mainly on motor yachts of over 50 meters long.
  • In collaboration with 95 experts who design, build, buy, sell, equip, support, operate and manage the world’s largest yachts. They are sharing their experience and true gold nuggets of information that will give you years of competitive advantage to understanding the superyacht industry.
  • The state of the art reference for the yachting industry.
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Book Reviews

This book is a celebration of knowledge offered by some of the most influential people in yachting.

Jonathan Beckett, CEO Burgess

In this book Marcela has been able to bring together the knowledge and expertise of some of the leading names in the yacht business, and the outcome is a deeper insight into what I call “the business of yachting”. From the earliest elements of design and engineering through to new construction, sales and charter, yacht management and the legal elements of yachting. In this book, you will have an opportunity to learn about the superyacht industry, from the people who make the superyacht industry. The designers, builders, brokers and lawyers. Informative and insightful information that will be helpful to everyone from an aspiring yacht captain and manage through to an owner and prospective owner.

Jamie Edmiston, Edmiston

I strongly believe that a book like this is generally missing for our industry so it will become the de-facto reference guide for owners, new professionals, for supporting training courses, and for refreshing the ecosystem knowledge of professional already performing in industry.

Matteo Magherini, Lateral

The Quintessential yachting reference encyclopedia that should be on every company and serious broker bookshelf.

Peter Thompson, Managing Partner Yachting Partners International (YPI)

Finally someone has produced such book which was missing in the industry!

Fadi Pataq, Nobiskrug

This book has finally given us a chance to throw open the doors of our highly exclusive and sometimes elusive industry, inviting the reader to learn about the intricate workings of the yachting business. With such highly respected names sharing their expertise, this book is sure to be a must-read for anyone interested in joining the world of yachting, not to mention a valuable tool for expanding the comprehension of those who are already part of the industry.

Paris Baloumis – Marketing Director Oceanco